The collection

Collection Le Manifeste is exclusively dedicated to the plastician artist Victor Vasarely.  This collection is the result of a long journey to find artworks from all over the world, study his career in depth, and search for people who knew Vasarely and were ready to share with me their fascinating stories.

Influenced by the Bahaus, and more specifically by his time at Bortnyik’s Muhely Academy in Budapest, Victor Vasarely claimed « art for all». Loyal to the vision of the father of optical art, Collection Le Manifeste adresses everyone - from avid art collectors to those who wish to discover or rediscover Vasarely’s works. Collection Le Manifeste presents a selection of Prints, exhibition posters, preparatory works, paintings as well as a rare selection of Multiples. These were strongly advocated by Vasarely from as early as 1955, rapidly followed by the rest of the kinetic movement, and in particular the GRAV (Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel).

Take time to browse through our gallery, free your mind, and let your eyes experience the works of the master of kinetic art.

Bruno Fabre